Prices may vary depending on the particular treatment of each individual patient.

Consultation from €30
Local anesthesia €10
X-Ray €5
Professional Dental Hygiene €70

Therapeutic dentistry

Local anesthesia and X-Rays included

Filling with light-curing composite from €70
Temporary filling €20


Local anesthesia and X-Rays included

Primary treatment of one-root tooth from €120
Primary treatment of two-root tooth from €180
Primary treatment of multi-root tooth from €300
Removing root canal filling material from one root channel from €50
Medication between doctor's appointments €20


Local anesthesia and X-Rays included

Tooth extraction €50 — €120
Wisdom toth extraction €100 — €150
Sutures €10 — €15
Treatment of alveolitis €20


Plastic crown €100
Temporary crown €40
Metalic crown €200
Metal ceramic crown €320
Plastic partial dentures €500
Complete dentures €500
Metal partial dentures from €500
Repair of dentures from €70
Crown removal from €20
Porcelain veneer from €650
Non-metal crowns (zirconium, e.max, etc.) from €650

Dental implants

Dental implants consultation €50
Insertion of dental implant (inculding implant cost) Straumann SLA €850
Maxillary sinus floor augmentation (Sinus lift) from €500
Hard tissue augmentation from €400
Soft tissue augmentation from €400
Opening the implant and installing the healing cap €100
Zirconia crown on implant €850
Zirconia crown on implant: cantiliever €800
Surgical guide from €150


Bite correction with aligners "ORDOLINE" from €1500